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Hi there, I’m John, living in South London in the UK and have started on a journey to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Learning languages is not something that I’ve excelled at in the past. However, in October 2021, I got married to my Brazilian partner and learning to speak Brazilian Portuguese is a challenge that I’m keen to embrace.

Many other people, particularly from the UK may face difficulties when learning other languages, English is the world’s lingua franca and native English speakers may scratch their heads when engaging in topics like grammatical gender.

The vision for gringotolingo.com is to establish an open resource for learning Brazilian Portuguese.  I will signpost to useful resources on the web and will create my own content where I think this will help others. Resources available on gringotolingo.com include worksheets, flash cards and links to other useful websites

Please do contact me with your own thoughts and ideas, you can also leave a comment in the box below.

Please also check back regularly for updates – I plan to refresh content and also blog about topics including Brazilian restaurants in London and travel around Brazil.  

Muitas felicidades


Cycling in Cananeia in Sao Paulo state, Brazil
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