Use of ‘a gente’ in Brazilian Portuguese

This page outlines the use of a gente in Brazilian Portuguese.

There are in fact two ways of saying “we” in Brazilian Portuguese – nós and a gente.  

A gente is less formal and is used much more widely in spoken language.  If you want to sound more natural speaking Brazilian Portuguese, use a gente.  

Note that it is not appropriate to use a gente in formal writing or speech, where it is more appropriate to use nós.

Conjugating ‘a gente

A gente refers to a group of people and so should be conjugated in the third person singular in the same way that you (você), he (ele) and she (ela) are. See here for more information about conjugating regular verbs in Brazilian Portuguese.

See below for examples of conjugating nós and a gente in Brazilian Portuguese, note the difference in conjugation:

We speak Englishnós falamos inglês
We speak Englisha gente fala inglês
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