Brazilian Portuguese flash cards

This page lists all of the Brazilian Portuguese flash cards available on

flash card learn brazilian portuguese

Flash cards offer a simple way to complement and reinforce learning Brazilian Portuguese.

I’ve created a number of flash card sets based around areas of vocabulary, or grammar using  Clicking on the relevant links below opens the flash cards in a new window. 

Please see below for instructions on how to use the flash cards. 

Feel free to browse the cards and test your knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese!


I’ve added some instructions below to guide you through how to use the flashcards.

The front card shows the word or phrase in English, you need to flip the card over to show the same word or phrase in Portuguese.

You can navigate the cards, use the buttons below. The left and right arrows take you to the next and previous cards and the flip arrow reveals the answer of the current card:

You can shuffle the card deck by clicking this button:

You can also hear the word being spoken (including in Portuguese) by clicking on the volume button:

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